a few words about us

At New Call Enterprises, we have one central focus: Our clients. It encapsulates every inch of New Call Enterprises’s internal culture, making us who we are today. It’s never been about us. It’s about you, our Clients.

New Call Enterprises is an International Telecommunications Company specializing in Hosting VoIP solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Our focus on wholesale and retail markets features the best quality in voice communication at very competitive rates. New Call Enterprises offers a whole array of services and product adapted to any enterprise.

As a VoIP solutions company, New Call Enterprises provides a full VoIP service based on quality, commitment and profitability. We offer you experienced corporate management structure consisting of a professional, dedicated and qualified team to service your Telecom needs.

New Call Enterprises is a significant player in Hosting IP technology solutions in the global VoIP market. We are strategically headquartered in South Florida and our Telecom soft switches and infrastructure is safely housed at a Data Center in Philadelphia with a Full replication to our second Data Center in Phoenix Arizona with direct access to major IP backbones which allows us to offer you high quality IP Voice and Peering services.


Our Mission is to strengthen our Customer’s communication needs by designing a personalized communication system implemented on a state-of-the-art VOIP Platform.

Keeping our Customers connected to those who matters most.


At New Call Enterprises, our central focus is our Customers. It captures every inch of New Call Enterprise’s internal culture, making us who we are today. Our support for our Customers is second to none. Our experienced team endlessly strives to retain supportive talent that have grown with our company and understand the business from every angle. We have diverse knowledge of the cloud communications industry and understand its past, present, and most importantly, are poised for its future. Our SwitchConnex platform offers unparalleled services that, combined with our exceptional people, proven processes, and innovative technology, enable our Customers to be successful in their communication needs.


  1. We value our customers and we are eager to learn about them and establish healthy business relationships.
  2. We value resolving our customer needs immediately with the best customer service.
  3. We understand the importance of our customer’s communication experience and we provide a stable redundant communication system with no downtime.
  4. We value quality. What we do, we do it well.

The Future is Here.  Are You?

The communications industry is undergoing an unprecedented phase of technological innovations. Cloud communications products and services continue to flip the industry
on its head, putting you in control. These solutions enable your company to leverage the
latest features and capabilities, which are extremely easy to use and very cost effective.
Experience explosive growth through a proven business model and cloud service
platform that allows companies like yours to utilize high-value software and services like Hosted PBX and VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, and much more.

What Makes New Call Enterprises the Clear Choice?

Easy to use. Feature rich. Future-proof. That’s what you get from us right out of the box. Easily accessible via any modern web browser or mobile device, our feature rich platform helps to improve your communications, streamline your business processes, and facilitates your growth and success. In addition, our support for our customers is second to none, and our experienced support team endlessly strives to enable you to compete and win, and sound good doing it.
As your needs grow and change over time, so do our features and capabilities. Endlessly scalable, flexible, and reliable, our cloud communications platform is truly future-proof, so you can focus on your business, and know that your communications solution will always remain relevant and competitive.

New Call Enterprises Hosted PBX, VoIP and SIP Trunking Solutions

Give us a call and learn why New Call Enterprises is trusted by so many Interconnects, MSPs, Service Providers, and end-user businesses throughout the United States!