Voice Broadcasting


Reaching the masses has never been easier and cost effective with our voice broadcasting services. Lower the expenses in advertising and increase productivity by reaching people in a much faster and efficient way. You decide whether you want to deliver your message to live persons only or live persons and answering machines/voice mails.

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has commercial, community and government applications.

Voice broadcasting users can contact targets such as; members, subscribers, constituents, employees or customers almost immediately. You can also run more than one messaging campaign simultaneously to different areas or groups with a different message. Redirect live calls to a specific phone number (which can be a hunt group or phone system). Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature allows the call recipient to provide feedback on your message, transfer the call, or to add their phone number to the Do-Not-Call list.


Lower cost of advertising  Stop paying out lots of money on conventional ways to carry out your message or advertisement.

Contact more recipients at once Deliver your message to live persons only or live persons and answering machines/voice mails.

Full call statistics Obtain detailed reports on transferred calls, early hang ups, do-not-call, and answering machines or not answered.

Pay as you go, no up front costs No need to invest on any specialized equipment, you set your own costs.

Infinite possibilities High versatility, it can be used for but not limited to; sales campaigns, special events promos, disaster management, customer alerts, and political campaigns.